For his first solo exhibition Ivan chose to explore the patterns and beauty of the pristine World Heritage listed area of Shark Bay. With 21 limited edition aerial images Ivan has captured a perspective of the region that is truly breathtaking.

Ivan’s keen eye for colour, texture and detail have allowed him to draw attention to the enormous scale, beauty and pattern of Australia’s most westerly shoreline, where the ocean meets the land. From deep ocean trenches and long stretches of beach to the iconic red earth and salt deposits inland, Ivan allows us to gain a perspective of the vast expanse of the mostly untouched region that is rarely seen.

This landmark exhibition was captured on medium format Velvia 100 ISO slide film, giving the large-scale archival giclée prints stunning natural colour saturation. 

Ivan’s time in the sky had to be executed to perfection and after two years of planning, the abstract images unquestionably succeed in reflecting the raw beauty of the region. Taken from 4000ft, Ivan achieved the birds-eye-view vantage point by leaning out of a door-less Cessna plane hired for the project.

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